JANUARY 28, 2019

After four long years, I am closing the metaphorical doors of my business. Closing them softly and remembering this time fondly.

These have been four rewarding, fulfilling, albeit exhausting years. The business, born out of my desire to be at home with my young family while challenging myself, had become its own entity. Something bigger than a facet of myself; something that demanded more time and energy than I could give it. My creative hunger has been satisfied, my entrepreneurial spirit has been nourished. The sense of community and the kindness that radiated from creatives near and far is a warmth I won’t soon forget. The friends I’ve made within this community are remarkable. However, the time has come when I have both given and received all that I could from this business.

I am looking forward to focusing my energy on myself, my family and my home. Sleeping well and often, savoring time with my daughter and husband and maybe even painting a wall or hanging a few pictures. I haven’t the faintest clue what lies ahead or what opportunities may arise, but I’m sure I will see you around soon.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this business; with your hugs, your coffee, your kind words or your wallet. You are all so appreciated.